Usage Notes

Feb 19, 2009 at 5:16 PM
This release provides a file viewer for Community Server 2008.5 for Bright Cove based videos. It additionally includes chameleon controls for working directly against the Bright Cove Media API, a widget that utilizes those controls, and basic Media API interactions based on Bright Cove documentation (but updated to work).

The Chameleon Controls:

  1. Within a blog post list you can utilize a bright cove video data control to get properties of the video embedded in the post (in this context, the linkto can be to the post):
    1. LinkTo Types:
    2. Video – The bc hosted video URL
    3. FlashDownload – the flv download url
    4. Nothing – no link on item
    5. VideoThumbnail – The thumbnail image hosted at bc (use the image control to actually display the image)
    6. VideoStill – the still image hosted at bc (use the image control to display)
    7. Link – The external link associated with the video (configured at bc)
    8. Post - *ONLY WORKS WHEN A CS POST IS IN CONTEXT – links to the CS post in which the video is embedded.

<BrightCoveControl:BrightCoveVideoData LinkTo="Post" runat="server" Property="ShortDescription"
Tag="P" />

2. Within a blog post list you can use a bc video image control to get thumbnail or still images from the embedded post (image types are thumbnail and still:
<BrightCoveControl:BrightCoveVideoImage runat="server" ImageType="Thumbnail" />

3. You can create a list of bright-cove videos which will pull data directly from brightcove:
    1. Query Types:
      1. All - gets all videos based on the token used against the media api
      2. Campaign – Uses a given campaign id on the query overrides to pull videos in this campaign
      3. Related – Related to a given video id
      4. Tags – Containing the same tags as given in the query
      5. Text – Search of text in name/description for videos based on text string given in query
      6. User – Videos associated with given BC user id

<BrightCoveControl:BrightCoveVideoList runat="server">
<QueryOverrides runat="server" PageSize="5" QueryType="All" SortBy="PUBLISH_DATE"></QueryOverrides>
<p><BrightCoveControl:BrightCoveVideoData runat="server" Property="Name" LinkTo="Video" /></p>
<p><BrightCoveControl:BrightCoveVideoData runat="server" Property="ShortSummary" LinkTo="Nothing" /></p>